Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not So Extreme Makeover Bathroom Edition

When we moved into this house (can it be almost a year ago?!) I knew we'd have to do something with the master bathroom. The hideous original 1985 wallpaper, the disco light fixture, not to mention the blend of at least 6 different hardware finishes (porcelain, brushed nickel, chrome, ceramic, wood and gold tones) - it all had to go.

When the contractor told me it would be about $30,000 to renovate, I just about had a fit. Really? $30K? Um, no.

I'm pretty handy, so I decided to see what a face lift could do. After 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of paint (btw, I abhor painting), a new light fixture - yup, installed it myself - new mirrors, towel bar, artwork and shower curtain, I think it looks pretty good. Not $30,000 good. But good enough.

Not bad, eh?


Linda said...

Ok, forget shopping, you can redo my bathroom when you are here! It looks great!

craftytammie said...

you did an amazing job! we are big diy-ers around here - although i have yet to install my own lighting fixtures!

Harvey said...

Do I have an AWESOME wife or what?!

bebo821 said...

NICE job!

Minerva's World said...

WOW! Looks terrific!! You are so damn talented, lady!!

And yes, Harvey, you DO have an awesome wife!



Dena said...

you did really good.