Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wonky Bird Mini

This is my absolute favorite craft book that has come out recently
I check out a lot of craft books from the library. Some, I just flip through quickly. Others, I take the time to read. And then there is the elite group that I renew again and again. There's something about Kajsa's projects that I love - the whimsy, the colors, the simplicity. The first project I made from her book is this
Then I made this
Then there was this

And finally, this weekend, this
I love these crazy birds.
I really need to buy this book!


namoo said...

I love this book. Her work is so inspiring. And you did a great job too! What fun projects!

Kathleen said...

Heather all your creations are adorable but those birds are super cute! I have 11 quilty books on hold at my library waiting to get picked up!

Skooks said...

I have never touched this book, but I want to buy it too!!

Kathy said...

the birds are very cute and I am not even a bird person!

Ruby Star said...

They look fabulous. You are lucky to have a library that keeps modern craft books :)